About Us

SafetyPin Photography was founded and is driven by a passion for saving you money.
Well, that’s a total lie, our passion is for photography (obviously) and people - but our mission is to make professional photography accessible to all.
We specialise in photographic portraits that bring out the beauty of our subjects and highlight only their most employable qualities. Coming from a business-world, we understand the importance of making a good first impression and standing out in a competitive job market, and we believe that with the right people behind the camera (that’s us, by the way) it needn’t be a daunting task. Or break the bank.

How So Cheap?

To put it simply, we're just charging for what we're selling; digital professional headshots. For clarity, we are not running a high-end, luxury studio fit for George Clooney (or some more relevant celebrity) where you receive champagne and a full makeover and then have a portfolio of 100 beautiful images rammed down your throat. Because a) there are enough of those, and b) you have to pay through the nose for that kind of service.

With us; you want a boss profile picture for LinkedIn or wherever, you can get one, for twenty quid. Simple.

Our Story

SafetyPin was co-founded by two absolute legends; Sam and Jon (who paid us to write this, btw), who met while working in Oxford, and became friends through a shared interest in old school hip-hop and photography. Jon had been working as an Architectural photographer while Sam specialised in club nights and events, and during one particularly fruitful pub session they decided to pool their skills and go in to business together. Confident they could use their expertise to help people get a foot up in their career, and look boss while doing it, SafetyPin was born. So far things have gone pretty well, and now we operate in cities all across the UK. Interested? Book yourself in for a shoot now, and we’ll show you how it’s done.