Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring with me?

  • Just your wonderful face and the clothes on your back. (Clothes for your legs optional but strongly recommended)
  • We recommend wearing your normal work attire - possibly erring on the smarter side - without making yourself uncomfortable; it's important you feel at ease.
  • You should come as prepared as possible for your photoshoot, but you are welcome to arrive up to 20 minutes early to comb your hair and apply any last minute touch-ups.

When do I pay?

  • You can either pay when you book; this guarantees your slot and includes one 'free' image. Or,
  • You can pay right at the end, when you select and purchase your chosen photos.
    • In both cases, after your photoshoot, we upload your pictures to a private, online gallery and send you a link to the email address you used to book your appointment. If you pre-paid, this email will also contain a 'discount code' to the value of one image.
    • You then browse, select and purchase the pictures you like best from the comfort of your chaise longue (we assume all picture-purchasing will be done from chaise longues.)

Is there a place where I can get ready?

  • Yes. Although it's not a Hollywood-style walk-in dressing room.
  • There are facilities at all of our pop-up locations, and you're free to use these.
  • We also place a decent full length mirror in each of our studios.
  • You should come as prepared as possible for your photoshoot.

Are there any hidden charges?

  • No, there are no hidden charges. The price is per photo and is what it is.
  • There are additional things you can buy - like air brushing, or SafetyPin branded t-shirts - but nothing essential. Our business model is designed to work on high-throughput / low-cost.

What is the exact location of your photography studio?

  • Our studios pop-up all over the country, so be sure to check out our current and scheduled locations.
  • The bookings page for each location has the studio name and street-level address.
  • There's also a Google Maps link on the booking confirmation pages and the confirmation email, which you have the option to put in your iCal.

Do you provide air brushing and photo touch-ups?

  • Not as standard, but we can do.
  • Check out our "Other Services" page for pricing and more information.

How will I receive my photos

  • After your photoshoot we'll send you an email with a password protected link to your personal, online gallery.
  • From there you will be able to select, purchase, and download the photos you want.
  • If you have any questions or further requirements at that stage, just reply to the email.

Accessibility: what is the disabled access like at your studios?


If you see this symbol; the studio is fully wheelchair accessible.

We aim to provide full disabled access at all of our studios. However, the nature of running a "pop-up" business means we're perpeturally at the mercy of the sites available to us.

Question not answered?

  • You can contact us HERE