Other Services


Air Brushing - 20

This guy needed a professional headshot, quickly, but was suffering with sever eczema across his forehead at the time. We helped him get the image he was after.


Blemish removal - 10

You look your best most days. If today's not that day, don't worry, we can clear up any scratches, spots or blemishes. You just have to turn up, and we'll take care of the rest.


Co-ord profile banner - Free (introductory offer)

Your CV probably says something like "great attention to detail".
Back that claim up with a personalised co-ordinating profile banner for your LinkedIn page.


Studio to you - 70

We choose our pop-up studio locations to be the most central for the masses. If you'd like something a little closer to home (or the office), we'll bring a studio right to your doorstep.

The above price includes a full shoot and the photo of your choice. It's also dependent on us operating in your nearest city at the time. If you can't wait, but can afford a little more, let us know where you are and we'll give you a quote.


Corporate Bookings - (contact us for a quote)

We can come to your office and provide company-wide headshots.

We can also setup a studio at conference-style events and provide you with a camera roll. (which basically means all the photos).